Pembroke Pines Charter Elementary Central Campus PTA

PTAThe PTA is comprised of parent volunteers just like you who strive for the betterment of our school and our children’s education. The PTA is heavily involved in fundraising activities for our campus and raised thousands of dollars in past years towards:

  • A new sound system for the school cafeteria installed in the Spring of 2016
  • The new electronic school marquee – installation date: Academic Year 2017-18
  • A new media center – completed over the Summer of 2016

With help from parents and family members who participate in fundraising activities throughout the year, we are able to accomplish great things for our school and our children.

Our major fundraising events this year are the Holiday Gift Shop, Worlds Finest Chocolates, and Box Tops for Education. Please check out our fundraisers page for more information on these wonderful causes and help PPCES grow!

Holiday Gift Shop             

The PTA also funds numerous grants for our teachers to purchase much needed classroom supplies and materials for use during the school year.

As we strive to ensure that no child is left out, we also offer scholarships for field trips to those children whose parents are struggling to cover these extracurricular activities. This process is handled discreetly so that only the parents and the board are aware of the transaction.

laptop cartThis past year’s goal was to raise funds for new laptop carts for our school. We currently have a handful of carts which are shared between both the lower and upper grades. Our goal is to purchase enough carts so that we have one for every two classrooms – a total of 12 carts all together! In addition, we would like to stock them with new laptops which means we’ll need 160 new laptops or Chromebooks!

We need your support and are actively encouraging all parents to JOIN PTA!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate contact us at